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You can make a difference by contacting your public officials; let them know your position, and express your concerns. You can check back with them often to see if there has been any progress in addressing your concerns.

Following are sample letters that can be signed and sent to Governor Kasich. One of the letters is in Microsoft Word format and can be personalized to suit your opinions. Also listed below are phone numbers of our public officials.

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  1. Hello,
    We need to talk….

    I have what would be the equivalent of a bunker buster bomb that can be used against the Big Wind “fortress”. &*)

    Allow me to explain…..

    There are producers of (defined) renewable natural gas (methane) such as:
    -Abandoned underground coal mines
    -anaerobic digesters, for
    a) On farm manure handling

    b) Municipal wastewater treatment plant sludge processing

    c) Independent waste processors

    In order to qualify for Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) under Ohio’s RPS law, all of the above renewable gas producers MUST:
    a) Purchase expensive electrical generating equipment ($500,000 and up….)

    b) Fight with the utilities (which can take YEARS…) to get them to “take” the electricity, and paid next to nothing for it…..

    c) Push the power out onto an already overburdened and increasingly unreliable transmission/distribution system.

    Our proposal is to allow ALL producers of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) to sell their gas *as gas* and get RECs for the BTU value of the gas produced, mathematically converted to megawatt hours (MWH).

    We call this “Common Sense Renewable Energy”.

    What would this provision do??

    It would eliminate the ~50% conversion (in)efficiency of converting gas to electricity and eliminate the cost of the genset. We think that it’s an inherent contradiction to the goals of any Renewable/Energy/efficiency program to be forced to convert one form of renewable energy to another just because that’s the way the game is played. If used as gas, RNG can be up to 95% efficient from point of production to end use. It is *wasteful* to convert gas to electricity, unless you specifically want or need to.

    It would utilize a transmission/distribution system wherein the pipeline owners actually WANT to transport the gas and which is currently being significantly augmented to accommodate the Marcellus and Utica shale gas boom. RNG would fit right in, with no noticeable disruption whatsoever. It would also subsidize environmental activity that has REAL, tangible environmental benefits, across the board. Look at the above list of RNG producers…..every single one is environmentally beneficial and in most cases is the BEST possible solution to these problems, unlike wind power which creates many more problems than it “solves”….as you well know.

    The fact is, the rules of the game have been written to benefit Big Wind and Big Solar. We think those rules should be changed to level the playing field for ALL renewable energy producers, AND to provide the least cost renewables/RECS in order to minimize the potential burden on Ohio consumers and job providers.

    Common Sense Renewables are Big Wind’s worst nightmare, in that if the above provision is enacted into law, RNG would suddenly become the least cost REC producer and RNG would need NO tax credits to compete. The fact is, Big Wind is deathly afraid of competition because they know that they can’t compete with the cost effectiveness of RNG.

    We’ve been working on this initiative for approximately a year now, with the assistance of Sen. Tom Patton and Rep. Al Landis in the Ohio legislature, and have drafted specific language for a bill (SB 242) to enact this provision. It was rolled into the Senate version of Gov. Kasich’s “8 Pillars” energy strategy bill, but the language got stripped out in the House committee with an amendment by a Democrat from Cleveland. (at the behest of the Chicago Mafia Wind Nazis??) We were close….

    I believe in renewable energy. It IS a good thing. Problem is, the concept got hijacked by the Chicago Mafia and other greedy, shady, self interested groups that are intent on engorging themselves at the government trough.

    We need to make the case that there IS legitimate, cost effective renewable energy that is homegrown in Ohio.

    We could make Ohio the National and World leader in the effort to reclaim cost effective renewable energy!!

    What can you do??
    1. PLEASE reply to this email and let me know what you think.

    2. Contact Sen. Patton and Rep. Landis and any/all Ohio legislative leaders AND the Governor’s Office indicating your support for this initiative and that you will VOTE based on their support for “Common Sense Renewables” and ending Big Wind’s expensive monopoly.

    Full disclosure; I am undertaking this effort in order to help a friend who owns abandoned coal mine leases in Harrision County, Ohio. In the (successful….) effort to get abandoned mine methane declared/defined as a renewable resource in Ohio’s new RPS law, it became apparent to me that renewable gas producers were being in effect, discriminated against by the renewable electricity producers, and this needs to be changed nation wide, to allow renewable energy to again reclaim the “moral high ground. So we’re starting the process in Ohio, and hopefully other states will soon follow suit.

    Thanks for your time and attention. Please let me know your thoughts!!!

    Cal Peters
    Grandville, MI

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